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Barbershop Blues

Orla Togher, Ray McGrath, Kevin O'Dwyer and Ollie Turner in "On Such as We"

After the disappointment of being edged out of the All Ireland finals despite some brilliant performances of "War" in 2013, DADS hoped for better things in 2014.Unfortunately it was not to be. Billy Roche's play "On Such as We" was always going to be a difficult undertaking - not least because of a very demanding set for a travelling troupe. Nevertheless the cast, under Ollie Turner's expert direction gave some very memorable performances which were very well received by audiences all around the country. Despite a well deserved 2nd place in City of Derry, the early promise wasn't fulfilled in terms of festival awards. However audience reaction to the performances confirmed that DADS achieved the first rule of performing - they entertained their audiences. In saying "Well Done" and "Hard Luck" to all concerned, we look forward as always, to 2015 and better things to come.

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Congratulations to all in DADS on their performance in Castleblayney last week. Fantastic production of The Gigli Concert.