All Ireland Glory at Last

What a Christmas Present! Having made history by being the first winners of the MOL Cup at Dunmore Drama Festival, D.A.D.S. came through a tough series of qualifiers with their version of Geraldine Aron's wonderful One Act play "A Galway Girl" and made it to Roscommon for the All Ireland Finals with further wins in Kiltimagh and Tubbercurry. The competition in the All Ireland finals is always keen and this year was no exception. However, when Geoffrey O'Keeffe gave his adjudication on the Saturday night of the Dunmore performance, we dared to hope. Despite a few small reservations, he was very positive about the performances from Tracy Bruen and Damian O'Keeffe. His admission that the hair stood on the back of his neck on a few occasions during the play was certainly an indicator that he found the D.A.D.S. performance compelling. So it proved to be. When the results were announced the following night, D.A.D.S. took the crown and brought an All Ireland Drama title to Dunmore for the first time. Our picture shows Tracy and Damian in a scene from the play.

Tracy (Maisie) and Damian (Dermot) in a scene from "A Galway Girl"

D.A.D.S. - First winners of the MOL Trophy

Damian O'Keeffe, Tracy Bruen and Director George Bruen with The MOL Trophy.

There was joy unconfined on Saturday night Nov. 2nd 2013 when the results of the Dunmore One Act Festival were announced and D.A.D.S. became the first group to be presented with the beautiful new cup for the best play in the confined section. This cup was presented in memory of the late Michael Ó Liodáin who sadly died at an early age last April. MOL (as he was known) was a stalwart of drama in Dunmore for most of his life and of course friends of this site will have read the many tributes on the "Micheal Ó Liodáin" page. The director, cast and crew of "A Galway Girl" are very proud to have been the first group to win the MOL Trophy. The picture shows Damian O'Keeffe (Best actor - confined), Tracy Bruen (Best actress - confined) and George Bruen (Best Producer - Confined) with The MOL Trophy.

Cathal McDonagh 16.12.2013 09:01

Well done! Fantastic achievement!

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Congratulations to all in DADS on their performance in Castleblayney last week. Fantastic production of The Gigli Concert.